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Kitchen Must Haves
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Kitchen Must Haves

Every well-equipped kitchen needs a few basic utensils and tools to make cooking a wider variety of foods easier.

There are all kinds of kitchen equipment available in the market. Some items like bread makers and ice cream makers can be considered luxury items, but here’s a list of kitchen must haves:

  1. Chef’s knife: A basic steel blade knife, that can be anywhere between 6”-12”.
  2. Paring knife: For peeling and trimming, with a 4” blade
  3. Serrated kitchen knife: Your regular kitchen knife used to cut vegetables to bread
  4. Potato/ vegetable peeler
  5. Whisk: Available in many different sizes this useful tool can be used to mix your Knorr sauces or soups.
  6. Grater: Useful for grating vegetables or cheese. Grated vegetables can be used to make some of your favourite Knorr Chinese recipes.
  7. Measuring spoons/ cups
  8. Digital weighing scale: This can come in handy as the measurement mentioned in certain recipes are specified in absolute quantities rather than household measurements. This is a must have for bakery and confectionary recipes! 
  9. Mortar and pestle: This is used for crushing spices and aromatics. It is usually made of metal (generally brass) or stone. Mortar and pestles come in very many sizes, most Indian households have one. It is very useful for grinding small amounts of dry spices as well as for pounding fresh spices like ginger and garlic.
  10. Wooden cutting board
  11. Metal colander/ sieve: It is handy to have several different sizes of sieve with different-sized mesh. A colander can be used to wash vegetables (especially useful to wash spinach leaves) and generally to drain items like pasta. A sieve can be used for sifting flour or for straining blended vegetables (as is needed when making soups)
  12. Food processor/Blender: A food processor is very useful as it can chop, grate, slice, beat, blend, grind and carry out many more culinary tasks. A blender is great for blending, pureeing, making soups and sauces and mayonnaise.
  13. Skillet/ Frying pan: Can be used to sauté, fry or brown meat or vegetables.
  14. Saucepan: Is a metal pot with a long handle and a lid, traditionally used for making sauces. Saucepans are perfect to make your favourite Knorr soup in.
  15. Wok: may be made of iron or stainless steel or non-stick. Widely used in China and most Asian countries. It is a very useful and versatile cooking utensil. Generally used for stir frying, but can also be used for deep frying and for any kind of cooking since it comes with a lid.
  16. Metal tongs